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 Are you a Parent

of pre-teens/teenagers who is tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the constant fighting and unsatisfying communication exchanges (such as monosyllabic responses or none at all)?

and, struggling to find your joy?  

I will guide you to design what the best ways are to live your best life and still support your children, how to move away from micromanagement thus turning frustration into fun with your family.

I empower parents, like you, to create a tool box for effective communication so that you can enjoy healthy relationships with your children, feel lighter, more resilient and confident as parents! 

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Joyful & Resilient Families!

  • Do you feel like you are up against a monster when you ask your kid(s) to do their chores?
  • Are you sick and tired of doors slamming behind you?
  • Do you see eyes rolling? And rolling? And rolling? Or, perhaps your kid(s) just don't talk at all?
  • Are you frustrated with the way you and your children talk to each other?
  • If in a co-parenting situation, are you undermining each other in front of the kid(s) and feeling challenged to agree on most topics?  
  • Do you feel yourself spinning with concern not knowing what might come next?
  • Are you unable to find time for yourself to do the things you love?  

There is an opportunity for THIS to change for the better with the right team!

Hire a... 

Parenting Coach!


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Misha Safran empowers parents to bridge the communication gap between them and their tweens and/or teens creating a dependable and loving launch pad that their children will always knows is there, years beyond their departure into adulthood.

Are you a parent of a middle or high school student and feel like your family is not looking like the one you dreamed of? 

Students and parents who work with Misha gain confidence, have a higher rate of success emotionally, socially, academically, professionally and often develop a greater appreciation for their family systems.

When was the last time you and your kids played a game or had a belly laugh together?

Become a JOYFUL & RESILIENT Family!

Parents will gain helpful insight and tools to use during this challenging yet beautiful time with your children!

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