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YES! We want Deep Lasting Love!






Have you ever found yourself thinking any of these?

"I don't understand why she gets so upset." 

"She is going to leave me." 

"I can't do anything right." 

"She's not hearing me."

It doesn't have to be this way - Click HERE to JOIN the Conscious Couples Community TODAY!

Would you rather be feeling this? 

"I feel heard & seen by my partner." 

"My partner and I are really good at holding space for each other." 

"I can honestly say that my partner and I appreciate each others differences." 

"We have a beautiful life together and apart."

YES, we want Deep Lasting Love and a Conscious Community!

What couples are saying:

"It was very helpful and hopeful in reminding us how to be kind and patient with each other when speaking. Misha and Jodi both were so gentle and kind in their approach. I felt very heard and valued. It was so wonderful to connect with other women who are in women who love women, committed relationships." - Dani & Sarai


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Are you Ready to Commit to Deep Lasting Love? 

If you are a woman who loves a woman and are currently in an intimate relationship (whether you are living together or apart) and you want to experience deep lasting love and authentic joy with your partner, then this year-long group is for you!  

You will:

  • Learn and practice healthy communication strategies,
  • Create balance in your lives,
  • Empower your coupleship while fostering autonomy, and
  • Be part of a community of conscious and compassionate couples who will enrich your commitment to each other and one another.

This will be a safe community where each person/couple can express their thoughts and feelings without judgement or criticism.  

AND guess what???

Yes, our time together will also be full of fun and laughter!

What is included? 

  • We meet two times each month as a group for 90-minutes covering a variety of topics under the themes of Communication, Balance, and Connection. 
  • One 30 minute onboarding couple coaching session with Misha and Jodi
  • Membership portal (not on social media) for community members to communicate with one another
  • Opportunity to work with other CCC couples during the year - (safety and boundary contracts will be created)
  • Significant discounts to our two half-day and annual day-long retreats. Date TBD 

Investment: PRICELESS 

  • Monthly payments of $65 per month PER COUPLE!

WHEN will we be meeting?

We gather online the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 5:00 - 6:30pm PT

(6:00 - 7:30 MT / 7:000 - 8:30pm CT / 8:00 - 9:30 ET)

Where will we be meeting? 

Via Zoom. Your link will be sent to your email with additional information after your registration is received. Depending on location of couples and pandemic status, we may be able to meet in person from time to time. 

 We are really excited to bring together fabulous conscious couples who want lasting deep love! 

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We have thought all the thoughts and felt all the feelings...and more!

Misha Safran, MCLC, MA., and Jodi Lewis, JD., are your Community Founders and Facilitators. Misha and Jodi took the Conscious Girlfriend (CG) Roadmap class with Ruth Schwartz and received intensive training in conscious dating, relationships and sexuality through the CG Academy. They also received personal mentorship from Ruth L. Schwartz, director of the CG Academy.  Misha is a Master Certified Life Coach, seasoned educator of 30 years, and has an MA in French Literature. Jodi is an attorney working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. In her career, Jodi has learned the art of listening and responding to people from diverse backgrounds.

More from each of them below: 

 Jodi Lewis...

For most of my life I was not in a relationship. I believed that no one was interested in me. I believed that I was not worthy of being in a relationship - that I was not smart enough, intelligent enough, fun enough, and every other negative “enough” statement that exists out there. These “not enough” statements took hold because I didn’t believe in myself and I equated the fact that I was never asked out on dates with the notion that I wasn’t “good enough” for a relationship. In the meantime, I was surrounded by siblings and friends who were always dating and then eventually marrying. 

Juxtaposed against me being single was this desire–perpetuated by family, romance movies, and novels, and society– that I would marry, have children, live in a house surrounded by a white picket fence. And, of course, that there would never be any problems in this magical relationship, allowing us to be forever happy. 

Fast forward to today. I am now in a loving, conscious partnership - something I never thought was possible. What made it possible? So many things!

Here are just a few: learning how to love myself, be my true self in the partnership, and sit in discomfort when one or both of us has lots of feelings! Based on my journey and the conscious relationship that Misha and I have developed with one another and continue to develop, I am so excited to co-facilitate the Conscious Couple Community group to help guide and support you and your partner in fostering the life-time committed relationship you want!


Misha Safran...

I was teased a lot when I was a kid. It really impacted the way I saw myself. The way I was treated also pushed me to seek others' attention in unhealthy ways; yelling, hanging out with inappropriate people, dating way too young, and using sex as a way to bridge the gap! None of these worked...go figure!

After my divorce in 2009, I had several mini-relationships but then realized I needed a relationship with myself to focus on being a more present mom to my boys and get more grounded and aware of what I wanted in relationships going forward. 

There was also another truth. As someone who had developed chronic pain, suffered from mild depression, as well as being highly sensitive, I actually thought no one would want to be in a relationship with me again so I avoided intimacy like the plague. 

I have been in many relationships; some were abusive, some were loving, some were empty, some were strictly sexual, some were complicated. 

None of them were as fulfilling as the one I am experiencing today! This isn’t to say I didn’t feel loved or didn’t love my partners. However, today, I am so much more aware of my wants and needs and have become a compassionate communicator. As a result, Jodi came into my life and we are committed to a deep lasting love with each other. 

I cannot wait to share with you all the strategies we have been using and provide opportunities for you all to practice with loving witnesses!

Lasting Love:  Less-Complicated!

Be in relationship with Confidence, Connection and Community!

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Inside a Conscious Coupleship
An Honest Conversation w/ Ruth Schwartz
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