Stand up,  Speak out & Be YOU!





If you want...

To feel GREAT about YOURSELF!


To CONNECT with other likeminded GIRLS!


This girl's group is for you!

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We are compassionate about empowering girls to Stand up, Speak out and Be their true selves!    

Misha Safran, MCLC, MA and Jodi Lewis, JD: Voice Empowerment Coaches for Girls

Misha Safran...

I was teased a lot when I was a kid. Kids gave me nicknames like unibrow for my bushy eyebrows, shrimp because I was short, and french fry for being too skinny. One kid called me King Kong's daughter because of the hair on my arms. I would go home feeling so bad about myself that I spent a lot of time alone, too anxious or frustrated to interact or I would try different but not always healthy ways to get attention; yelling and hanging out with inappropriate people. 

Thank goodness for my parents, coaches and teachers. There was always at least one person, if not more, who took the time to help me see that my light belonged in this world. Their compassion and generosity inspired me to keep showing up one day at a time. And, despite a lot of resistance from me, my dad convinced me to go to college. As a result, I have been able to StandUP, Speak OUT and Be myself and in doing so I continue to be a better version of myself and make an impact in our world.

I am now a business owner empowering girls and women to live the lives they deserve, a singer and songwriter creating music to fight racial and gender injustice, and founder and co-host of the webinar, “A Candid Conversation about Systemic Racism”  I am also short but I stand TALL and excited to be with Jodi supporting YOU to do the same (even if you are already tall - LOL). I am so excited to meet YOU!

 Jodi Lewis...

In 8th grade my family moved from New York to Maine. I can remember walking down the hallway at my new school and passing by a group of the "popular" girls. They were standing in a circle and when I walked by they stopped talking and stared at me. It felt like there were a thousand judgmental eyes on me. I felt small, insignificant, and defeated. I already felt like I didn’t fit in so this made things worse. I was shy and introverted so I became even more quiet because I felt like “the outsider.” This led to people thinking I was a snob, when in fact I was lonely, shy, and socially awkward.

Yet, despite feeling so excluded I did find my voice and my way both in high school and beyond because others-my parents, coaches, friends (that I finally made) - saw in me what I was not always seeing in myself: intelligence, confidence, compassion, beauty, and fun. Their guidance and support, in combination with my experiences and adventures, let me learn how to Stand up, Speak out, and Be Myself. Today I use my voice in a variety of ways, including, as a non-profit attorney representing individuals harmed by gender violence, co-hosting a webinar that has conversations about racism, and as an author.  I also have done photography work and am learning videography to continue to use my voice to make a difference in this world!

I am so excited to be co-facilitating these workshops with Misha, so that you too can shine to be your true self and make the difference you want to make in this world!

Are you Ready? 

Are you READY?

If you identify as a girl, 11-18, and want to feel great about yourself, feel more confident, feel a sense of belonging, connect with other girls, and make a difference, this 12-week workshop series is for you!  

During our 12-weeks together we will do fun and creative activities that will have you standing up, speaking out, and sharing your beautiful self that you want to be in this world! 

We will build a safe community together where you can express your thoughts and feelings without feeling judged, where the group can talk about tough stuff such as self-esteem, body image, bullying, and global issues while compassionately supporting one another. 

AND guess what???

Yes, our time together will also be full of fun and laughter!

Finally, we will create a group project together, in which each of you will get to shine in the way you feel comfortable! 


  • A safe community off social media where you can connect with other girls
  • A judgement-free zone in every workshop
  • Community building activities
  • A variety of skills to support you in expressing yourself to get what you need
  • Mentorship weekly for 12-weeks
  • One 1:1 session with your coach (Misha or Jodi)
  • Fun & impactful projects to support your development
  • Community project to support girls around the world
  • Participation in a group publication and/or documentary

Each week has a different approach to using one's voice to build confidence and create a strong sense of empowerment.

WHEN will we be meeting? 

Mondays from 5:00 - 6:30pm PT

(6 - 7:30 MT / 7 - 8:30pm CT / 8:00 - 9:30 ET)

When does the workshop series begin?

Monday, March 7, 2022

How will we be meeting? 

Via Zoom. Details will be sent one week prior to our first workshop! Be sure to add our email addresses to your contacts so we don't get sent to spam. 

Register today and then check your email for important NEXT steps! 

In solidarity and with love,

Misha Safran, MCLC, MA & Jodi Lewis, JD

Your Voice Empowerment Coaches

PS. We look forward to meeting you on Zoom!

PPS. Depending on Covid, we are hoping to host a weekend retreat in California in 2023 with all the girls who participated in 2022. 

Only 12 spaces AVAILABLE - Click HERE to Register


We understand. As your voice empowerment coaches for these 12 weeks, we will gently and creatively guide and encourage you to find your unique voice. Who you are and want to become, matters to us! Connect online with a community of fabulous girls who, like yourself, are wanting to use their voice to make a difference in the world. 

Depending on Covid, we are hoping to host a weekend retreat in California in 2023 with all the girls who participated in 2022. 

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Stand up,  Speak out & Be YOU!